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O começo

Chez Michou was created in the year 1983 thanks to a great idea suggested by Mrs. Michelle Faure, also known as Michou in the family circles. She is Françoise and Tif Nys’ mother and it was her idea to prepare the delicious pancakes, originated in France and Belgium, in a moment when Búzios had very few options in the area of gastronomy. With the first professional griddle brought from Europe, Chez Michou opened the first small window to Rua das Pedras, offering pancakes and pastries.

The year after, Michel Vandenbosch, and later, in 1985, the Argentine brothers Mario and Bubú Fernandez, joined the firm and are successfully together until today. It was then that the Group Chez Michou was established in Búzios.

It was a cheeky, amusing and bold group of people, coming from different parts of the world to gather local and foreign people around a small business, sharing the same dreams and the joy of living.

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Mudança ao De Renata Deschamps

With the change of address, to Renata’s, a house painted with yellow and light blue, and small sea shells in the garden, also came the first TV, a fireplace and a BBQ to enjoy the winter cold.

People met just for small talk, to eat a pancake and listen to good music. With the same casual and laid back ambiance the first thematic parties were created, later increasing in numbers as a result of their success. Any reason was good enough to celebrate birthdays, children day, Halloween, June Festivals and many others.

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Casa própria

At the right time, the year of 1986 made it possible to buy the house next door, that after closing with a very particular party – were people even shot chocolate to each other – reopened at the current address with a larger structure. A generous counter, tables in the street and very lively staff.

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As famílias crescem

Families grow along with the families and friends of Chez Michou and it becomes the meeting point for all generations. Tennis tournaments, backgammon and chess are happening during the offseason.

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As festas
Os festivais

The number of parties increased, the music innovation brought by European friends, DVDs with radical sports, the visit of celebrities and the Music Festivals with famous artists placed Chez Michou in a privileged spot of the national and international media.

Being always one step ahead of the rest, Chez Michou installed the first huge screen and the first proper stage for large shows like the Chez Michou in Concert, featuring Paralamas do Sucesso, Cássia Eller, Titãs, Cidade Negra and Fernanda Abreu, among others.

Celebrities like Ayrton Senna, Pelé, Xuxa, the participants of the first Rock in Rio, the muse, Luisa Brunet, Adriana Galisteu and many other famous people made Chez Michou the hottest point in Rua das Pedras. Shortly, everything happennig in Búzios, was at Chez Michou.

Chez Michou in Concert became Búzios Jazz and Blues and together came genius musicians from all over the world, like Yamandú Costa, Stanley Jordan, Bossacucanova, Leo Gandelman, Vernon Reid, Bernard Purdie, Eric Gales, Ed Motta, Marcos Valle and many others. For the next ten years, Região dos Lagos wore Jazz and Blues colors.

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O esporte e as novas gerações

Chez Michou increased its support to new generations through sports and projects focused on health and the development of this city, which had welcomed them with open arms. All the tournaments awards were celebrated at Chez Michou.

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As crianças

Chez Michou assembles children and teens for all kind of celebrations and parties. Theatre plays, jugglers, June Festivals, Carnival, fashion shows and many games are welcome by the small ones, who find their place for art, culture and fun at Chez Michou. Upon request of friends, Chez Michou started to organize house parties.

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Chez Michou

Nowadays, Chez Michou keeps the same passion for life, the responsibility to do always better, a constant search for innovation, the commitment to offer opportunities to new generations, the respect for our collaborators and clients, the love for nature, the unconditional affection for friends and family. “We are very thankful to everybody who made our dream possible and we want to communicate our joy to all. Be always welcome to our house.”

Sejam muito bem vindos a nossa casa sempre.